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Ekoman is the leading waste management company in the Vaasa region, offering waste management and roll-off services. We are part of the Finnish Fluo Group.

Ekoman is part of the Fluo Group.

Ekoman is the leading waste management company in the Vaasa region, offering waste management and swap services. Our history dates back to 1937, when our predecessor company's entrepreneurial Fredrik Eckerman first became involved in the city's sanitation work as his father's assistant.

We are now part of the national Fluo Recycling Group, which has its roots in leading local recycling companies like ours. We joined forces to offer 100% local service with a national reach.

Waste management, no money wasted.

We believe that waste management services are at their best when they are local. That's why we answer the phone and always serve you with 100% local, nationwide service. With nearly 50 years of experience and local knowledge, we can provide the most efficient and fluid recycling service on the market.

Waste management services

Ekoman offers comprehensive, reliable and personalised waste management services, as agreed.

  • Quality waste management services for households, housing associations, businesses and the public sector

  • With almost 50 years of experience and local knowledge, we serve you efficiently and accurately

  • By acting responsibly and transparently, we ensure that our customers comply with waste legislation and regulations

Household waste management

Household waste management

Household waste management can be arranged with a single phone call to Ecotransport. We provide waste management services for households locally in Kokkola and the surrounding municipalities.

Waste management services for households include household waste transport, i.e. bin emptying, septic tank emptying and the rental of swap bodies.

The household waste transport for private households is planned together with our customers. The interval between collections in our area is 2 weeks, in accordance with Ekorosk Ltd regulations. Based on the frequency of collection and the size of your household, we will calculate the right size of bin for your household. We have plenty of bins of different sizes for households of all sizes.

With one phone call, we will deliver the bins to your yard, start emptying as scheduled and also provide your household's waste contract details to Ekorosk, so we will take care of the waste collection for you.

Waste sorting is primarily the responsibility of the occupant of the single-family home. Please dispose of organic waste such as food waste in a black bin and energy waste such as food packaging in a light-coloured bin, then drop the waste in the bin outside. The Ekokuljet waste collection truck is responsible for transporting the waste to Ekorosk Oy for further processing.

Waste management for housing associations

We provide waste management services for housing associations in Kokkola, Kälviä, Kruunupyy, Lohtaja and Pietarsaari. Our service includes household waste transport, paper and cardboard collection services and any other recycling containers as agreed.

In addition, we offer housing associations exchange permits for various renovations and yard work. We will empty your septic tanks on a monthly basis as agreed with your housing association.

Contact us, we will survey your housing association free of charge and draw up a waste management plan.

Waste management for businesses

The company must be aware of the quantity and quality of the waste it produces and organise the management of its waste. Good waste management and recycling is proactive environmental management and an important part of a company's everyday life. We help companies to organise efficient waste management in accordance with waste legislation and other regulations. We are a reliable partner who delivers on time, all year round.


Industrial, service and other business operators must organise the separate collection and recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic and bio-waste for which they are responsible.We will empty the containers in accordance with the waste management regulations in our area and take the sorted waste to the designated disposal sites on your behalf. In addition to the normal waste containers, our equipment can empty deep-underground containers and compactors.

Washing of waste containers

The waste management regulations for our area require that care is taken to ensure that waste and collection containers are managed in a way that does not pose a risk or harm to health or the environment. Containers must be maintained and cleaned frequently enough; they must be washed at least once a year.

As a long-standing waste management professional, we have found that regular washing of containers not only prolongs their life but also increases the cleanliness and tidiness of the waste collection point. For this reason, we wash our customers' collection containers for both incineration and biowaste in spring and autumn.

Sale and hire of waste containers

The bin must be suitable for the type of waste it collects and its size must be appropriate to the amount of waste generated on the property. The size of the container must therefore be such that it can always be closed, taking into account the interval between emptying.You can either buy or hire from us the appropriate containers for waste collection and sorting.Typical sizes for sorting different types of waste:

Waste container Waste container
80 l Bio-waste
140 l Incinerable waste, bio-waste
240 l Incinerable waste, bio-waste, glass, metal
360 l Incinerable waste
660 l Incinerable waste, cardboard, cardboard, plastic
1100 l Cardboard

For corporate waste management we offer :

  • Waste containers

  • Roll-offs

  • Tanks

  • Presses

  • Data protection containers, collection and destruction of data protection papers

  • Hazardous waste containers, collection and collection of hazardous waste

  • Drainage, flushing and washing of various types of wells (septic tanks, septic tanks, cesspools) and septic tanks (oil and sand separators)

  • Swap body service for companies, different types and sizes of swap bodies, containers, compactors for various types of waste, also for longer periods, for example for construction sites

  • Reporting

Our roll-off service

Ekoman offers a hassle-free and easy solution for transporting and handling larger amounts of waste. Whether it's construction waste, demolition waste, garden waste or energy waste, it's worth ordering a swap body.

  • Different sizes of swap bodies for different needs

  • We bring the stage at the agreed time to the agreed place

  • We pick up the pallet on request and deliver it for waste treatment

  • Our customers are households, housing associations, companies and the public sector

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Petri Niemelä, CEO
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JukkaVakkila, Transport Manager, Driving
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Oy Ympäristöhuolto Ekoman Miljöservice Ab
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