We are molding the future of the circular economy.

FL Pipe is an international leading company specialising in the collection and processing of plastic materials. We are part of the Fluo Recycling Group.

Industrial products

Plastic cores

We supply plastic cores for industrial uses according to the customer's needs. We always supply customers with a test core from our range before starting production. If required, we can also supply you with custom-made special cores. Plastic cores are manufactured according to standards, in accordance with the ring stiffness, tolerances and quality requirements specified by the customer. We manufacture plastic cores in polypropylene or polyethylene. Increasingly, we are manufacturing plastic cores from raw materials using the customer's own side streams. Tolerances and sizes are supplied according to the customer's order. Customized sizes by separate agreement.

Marking: inkjet dimensions, raw material, date and manufacturer.
Bevel: Inside and outside edges
Standard colour: Grey, other colours by agreement

28,0 x 2,0
40,0 x 4,0
77,0 x 3,0
77,0 x 5,5
77,0 x 7,0
77,0 x 8,5
77,0 x 10,5
77,0 x 15,0
152,0 x 8,0
152,0 x 10,5
152,0 x 15,0

To order: 50-4000 mm (length)

Paper cores

We also produce paper cores in cooperation with Sonoco Alcore. Sales are handled by Sonoco Alcore's Karhula office. You can also send us a request for quotation by sending us a request for quotation and we will take care of it.

Karhulantie 160, 48601 Karhula, Finland, tel: +358 52 242300



We also provide our customers with compounding and we use industrial side streams in our compounding process. We have decades of experience and wide knowledge in handling raw materials in the compounding process.

Our products for the construction industry

Drainage pipes

We have the Nordic Poly Mark certification for the manufacture of drainage pipes.

Marking: in accordance with regulations
Bevel: on the outer edge
Colours: standard colours see below, other colours on request.
HTTP 32 x 1000 - 3000 / white
HTPP 50 x 1000 - 3000 / grey
HTPP 75 x 1000 - 6000 / grey
HTPP 110 x 1000 - 6000 / grey
HTPP 160 x 1000 - 6000 / reddish brown
HTPP 50 x 1000 - 3000 / grey HTPP 75 x 1000 - 6000 / grey HTPP 110 x 1000 - 6000 / grey HTPP 160 x 1000 - 6000 / reddish brown 3000 / grey
HTPP 75 x 1000 - 6000 / 6000 / grey
HTPP 110 x 1000 - 6000 / grey
HTPP 160 x 1000 - 6000 / red-brown
HTPP 110 x 1000 - 6000 / grey
HTPP 160 x 1000 - 6000 / red-brown

According to request: 50-4000 mm (length)

Cable conduits

We manufacture A cable conduits according to standards.

ink jet dimensions, raw material, date and manufacturer.
inside and outside edge

50 x 2,5 x 6000 B
75 x 2,5 x 6000 B
100 x 3,6 x 6000 B
100 x 5,1 x 6000 A
110 x 4,0 x 6000 B
110 x 5,3 x 6000 A

According to request: 1000-6000 mm (length)

Universal pipes

For universal pipes, we have standard models in stock. If you need something else, please feel free to contact us and we will see how we can help.

Length: 1000-6000 mm
ink jet dimensions, raw material, date and manufacturer.
inside and outside edge
Supply colour: black, no other colours

PP 75 x 6000
PP 110 x 6000
PP 160 x 6000

Drum pipes

We have drum pipes with diameters from 160 to 1000 mm, in lengths according to the customer's requirements. We also supply wells to order.

Rainwater pipes

FL Pipe supplies rainwater pipes. Rainwater pipes are available in several sizes. Diameter 75-160 mm and lengths of 6 m, 50 m in rolls.

Septic tanks

FL Pipe supplies drainage pipes in coils of 65-110 mm and in beams of 110-315 mm.

Rainwater and sewerage manholes

Contact us, we will build a solution to meet your wishes and needs.

More information: http://vesiensuojelu.fi/jatevesi/

Innovative product development

We want to be involved in developing new products and new opportunities. Product development and quality control measurements are carried out in our modern laboratory. Today, we can manufacture products with up to 80% filling.

We are currently involved in several product development projects, with the aim of utilizing industrial side streams in the plastics production industry, and creating new and more ecological materials.

The annealing furnace determines the degree of calcium carbonate filling of the compund.
Symmetry checks of the chamfer.
Measurement of the moisture content of the compound.
Crucibles in the exilator.

About our company

Environment and quality requirements

We invest in product development and we want to contribute to the circular economy by increasing the use of recycled material from industrial side streams.
We are constantly developing our products and processes to minimize the negative environmental impact. We regularly evaluate our operations to ensure that we comply with the quality management systems ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Our contact details

FL Pipe Oy
E-mail: info@flpipe.fi
Business ID 1544423-7
FL Pipe, Putkitie 3
69600 Kaustinen

Anders Ljungberg, CEO

+358 40 721 9896

Lars-Erik Furu, Sales

+358 40 763 1218

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