We are molding the future of the circular economy.

FL Pipe is a national company specialising in the collection and processing of plastic materials. We are part of the national Fluo recycling group.

We joined forces to offer 100% local service with a national presence. Local companies Ekokuljetus, Ekoman, Finells Transport, FL Pipe, Itä-Suomen Murskauskeskus and Keskinen Recycling form the Fluo Group.

Industrial products

Plastic sleeves

We supply plastic sleeves for industrial needs. We manufacture plastic sleeves according to the customer's needs. We always supply customers with a test sleeve from our range before starting production. If required, we can also supply you with custom-made special sleeves. Plastic sleeves are manufactured according to starndards, in accordance with the ring stiffness, tolerances and quality requirements specified by the customer. We manufacture plastic sleeves in polypropylene or polyethylene. Increasingly, we are manufacturing plastic sleeves from raw materials using the customer's own side streams. Tolerances and sizes are supplied according to the customer's order. Customized sizes by separate agreement.

Lengths: to order (50-4000 mm)
Marking: inkjet dimensions, raw material, date and manufacturer.
Bevel: Inside and outside edges
Standard colour: Grey, other colours on request

28 x 2,0
40 x 4,0
77 x 3,0
77 x 5,5
77 x 7,0
77 x 8,5
77 x 10,5
77 x 15,0
152 x 8,0
152 x 10,5

Paper sleeves

We also produce paper sleeves in cooperation with Sonoco Alcore. Sales are handled by Sonoco Alcore's Karhula office. You can also send us a request for quotation by sending us a request for quotation and we will take care of it.

Karhulantie 160, 48601 Karhula, Finland, tel: +358 52 242300



We also provide our customers with compounding raw materials. Increasingly, we are using our customers' own side streams in the production of raw materials. We have many years of solid experience and know-how in the performance of different raw materials in the production of plastic pipes and sleeves.

Construction, civil engineering and earth-moving products

Drainage pipes

We have Nordic Poly Mark approvals for the manufacture of sewer pipes. We provide the necessary approval documents with the offer. In addition to sewer pipes, FL Pipi also supplies HT fittings (Wiitta product), drainage manholes and suction fields.

Lengths: according to order (50-4000 mm)
Marking: according to regulations
Bevel: on outer edge
HTTP 32 x 1000 - 3000 / white
HTPP 50 x 1000 - 3000 / grey
HTPP 75 x 1000 - 6000 / grey
HTPP 110 x 1000 - 6000 / grey
HTPP 160 x 1000 - 6000 / reddish brown HTPP 50 x 1000 - 3000 / grey HTPP 75 x 1000 - 6000 / grey HTPP 110 x 1000 - 6000 / grey HTPP 160 x 1000 - 6000 / reddish brown HTPP 110 x 1000 - 6000 / grey HTPP 160 x 1000 - 6000 / reddish brown

Cable conduits

We manufacture A and B cable conduits according to standards.Available in yellow, red, green and grey according to regulations. Other colours are available on request.

Length: 1000-6000 mm
ink jet dimensions, raw material, date and manufacturer.
inside and outside edge

50 x 2,5 x 6000 B
75 x 2,5 x 6000 B
100 x 3,6 x 6000 B
100 x 5,1 x 6000 A
110 x 4,0 x 6000 B
110 x 5,3 x 6000 A

Universal tubes

For universal pipes, we have standard models in stock. If you need something else, please feel free to contact us and we will see how we can help.

Length: 1000-6000 mm
ink jet dimensions, raw material, date and manufacturer.
inside and outside edge
Supply colour: black, no other colours

PP 75 x 6000
PP 110 x 6000
PP 160 x 6000

Drum tubes

We have drum pipes with diameters from 160 to 1000 mm, in lengths according to the customer's requirements. We also supply wells to order.

Rainwater pipes

FL Pipe supplies rainwater pipes. Rainwater pipes are available in several sizes. Diameter 75-160 mm and lengths of 6 m, 50 m in rolls.

Septic tanks

FL Pipe supplies drainage pipes in coils of 65-110 mm and in beams of 110-315 mm.

Rainwater and sewerage manholes

Contact us, we will build a solution to meet your wishes and needs.

More information: http://vesiensuojelu.fi/jatevesi/

Innovative product development

FL Pipe's product development and quality control measurements are carried out in our new modern laboratory. The laboratory was built in autumn 2016 and all our measuring equipment was replaced at the same time. We now have the most efficient and reliable equipment on the market. As a result, our quality control measurements are even more accurate than before.

The most significant investment we have made in recent years is the purchase in 2015 of a 2-screw compounder for processing plastics, elastomers and composites. The machine's capacity allows it to supply both small and large batches of raw materials to the plastics industry, both on the domestic and export markets. All process steps and parameters of our plastic composites manufacturing equipment are fully computer-controlled.

We started our product development work on composite raw materials in early 2016 and thanks to several trial runs and tests, we are now able to supply our customers with CaCO3+PP or CaCO3+PE raw materials with up to 80% fill rate. We are therefore offering our customers savings on raw materials and in some tests the properties of the final products have even improved.

We want to be involved in developing new products and new opportunities for ourselves and others.

We are currently involved in several product development projects. For example, there are ongoing joint product development projects between VTT and several companies, with the aim of utilising industrial side streams in the production of plastics raw materials and creating completely new and more ecological raw materials for industrial use. Green values are becoming increasingly important in the Western world, so we believe that if these product development projects are successful, we have the potential to expand our activities into global markets.

Another very interesting and worth mentioning product development project is significantly further along. The aim is to replace hard metal products with plastic products. The advantages of plastic are its longevity and durability. If the project is successful, it will mean significant cost savings for our partner thanks to reduced repair costs.

The annealing furnace determines the degree of calcium carbonate filling of the compund.
Symmetry checks of the chamfer.
Measurement of the moisture content of the compund.
Crucibles in the exilator.

About our company

What FL Pipe is made of.

We want to succeed in what we do and we want to operate profitably, with sufficient resources to develop the business and respond to changing market needs. Development traps are most often the result of a combination of skills and innovation. Innovation, in turn, requires capital. Finland's national commitment to new energy sources is challenging, to say the least. Here at FL Pipi, we feel that the changing environment gives us the opportunity to be part of developing something completely new and unique.We are involved in a number of different development projects aimed at utilising industrial side streams in the composting process and bringing new raw materials to the market. We want to solve the problems of industrial side streams, we want to create something new. We believe in ourselves and that will opens up new opportunities.

We have always had the courage to take on projects that seem impossible. Our first procurement in history was for raw materials that no one else wanted or needed. We succeeded. But then we were driven not only by courage but also by necessity. When you have the courage to try and the compulsion to succeed, then things start to happen.
Competence is created by doing. Competence always requires failure. However, failures often teach you more than anything else. We are grateful for the expertise that we at FL Pipi have today. Our expertise is born out of doing and practical experience. Things you don't learn sitting behind a desk in an office. We have a very strong knowledge of the use of plastic raw materials in production processes. We have an extensive database of over 1000 raw material recipes.Through doing, experience and expertise, we have reached the point where today our plastic sleeve production is 100% recycled.

Our happiness has been our loyal and long-term customers. Many of them, such as Rani-Plast, have trusted us and worked with us from the beginning of our operations until today. It is that luck that has carried us to this day.

Will, courage, know-how and luck. That's what FL Pipe is made of.

Our policy

Our policy covers both environmental and quality policies and applies to all our activities.

Our company is committed to conducting its business in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our operations are based on a customer-oriented and profitable approach, taking into account the environmental impact. Our products are based on stable supply, quality and reliability.

We invest in product development and we want to contribute to the circular economy by increasing the use of recycled materials, by using industrial side streams in our products and by improving the quality of industrial side streams. We pay attention to the sustainability of the products we manufacture and the maintenance of the equipment we use.

We work with our customers to provide the products and solutions they need and to ensure long-term customer relationships.

We strive to build close and long-term relationships with our suppliers. We want to ensure that the quality and security of supply of our suppliers remains stable.

We comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and other binding obligations in all our activities.

We strive to develop our own products and processes to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and ensure the profitability of our business now and in the future. We are committed to the principles of continuous improvement and environmental protection by assessing our operations against the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality and environmental management systems.

Our operating policy is reviewed annually in a management review and updated as necessary. We review the policy with our staff annually and it is continuously available to our staff and stakeholders on the company's official website.

Our contact details

FL Pipe Oy
E-mail: info@flpipe.fi
Business ID 1544423-7
FL Pipe, Putkitie 3
69600 Kaustinen

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Our team

Äkki (Lars-Erik) Furu

+358 40 763 1218

Antti (Anders) Ljungberg
CEO, Founder

+358 40 721 9896

Elina Yli-Soini
Project Manager

+358 40 166 2115

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