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Kesrec is a national company specialising in the collection and processing of plastic materials. We are part of the domestic Fluo recycling group.

The types of plastic materials we accept

We process all PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP, but we can also recycle other materials by contract.

For example, the following pass through us
  • Plastic pipes (water pipes, sewers, district heating)
  • Plastic containers (IBCs, drums)
  • Plastic sheets
  • Waste materials from industry
  • Building plastics

Please note that we accept a minimum of 1000 kg of plastic waste and do not accept food waste or plastic waste containing hazardous chemicals!

How we receive materials

We accept plastic materials at our office in Kuortanee all year round and from all over Finland. For larger consignments, we can come and collect directly from your factory, site or farm. Our experts will be happy to tell you more about reusable plastic grades!

Our strong network of partners ensures cost-effective transport of recycled materials. For larger projects, we use mobile crushing and handling equipment, for example. This allows plastics to move in a more compact load, saving both money and the environment.

We offer plastic recycling to many industries and various operators around Finland
  • Plastics industry
  • Construction companies
  • Municipalities and cities
  • Contractors
  • Recycling centres
  • Water utilities

How we process recycled materials and products

We supply thousands of tonnes of granulate to factories and industrial plants all over Finland every year. We provide your company with plastic materials suitable for many manufacturing processes. We offer options for injection moulding as well as pipe and film production, with a wide range of thermoplastic grades.

Our product range
  • LDPE (for film production)
  • HDPE (for pipe production)
  • HDPE (for injection moulding)
  • PP (injection moulding)

Our work is guided by expertise and year-round security of supply. We deliver even the largest consignments on time to their destination, safeguarding our customers' business in all situations. We are also constantly adding to our range of materials, enabling more and more companies to take advantage of our services.

We process recycled plastics in our modern production facilities in Kuortanee. We also offer our customers a waste recycling service, where excess plastics from operations are granulated back into usable manufacturing material.

Our contact details

Our recycling plant is located in Kuortanee, but we receive different types of plastic waste nationwide. We can also deliver plastic materials to industrial plants throughout Finland. We process and deliver thousands of tonnes of plastic every year, so we can meet even the largest needs with agile service. Find out more about our ethical principles here.

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