Fluo is making the circular economy mainstream.

Fluo is a Finnish circular economy group that collects, processes, utilises and recycles materials and manufactures recycled products through its national circular economy network. We are the market leader in hard plastic recycling and a pioneer in the manufacture of recycled products.

Our name Fluo means "to flow" in Latin. Our mission is to make the circular economy mainstream by increasing the recycling rate of domestic raw material streams and manufacturing recycled products.

Fluo in figures

By combining our strengths and streamlining our existing operations, we have grown rapidly to become a major player in the Finnish circular economy market.

The first predecessor of our unit was set up
Turnover in 2023
Households and businesses as customers
Fluo employees

How we became Fluo

There has been a lot of waste since the first Fluo company was set up in 1962. Today, we are a group of six recycling companies employing over 120 people and serving more than 6,000 businesses and 35,000 households.

Discover the history of our group, which dates back to the 1960s.


The first Fluo company is set up

The year was 1962, when the first of the predecessors of the current units was founded. In fact, most of our companies have decades of experience in waste management and recycling.


Local recycling companies merge to form Ekokuljetus

Three environmental and waste management companies from Kokkola decided to join forces and form Ekokuljetus. The rest, as they say, is history.


Ekokuljetus Group is formed by the merger of local recycling companies

Ekokuljetus, Finells Transport and Pohjanmaan Hyötykäyttö Oy's Kokkkola business started to work together to form the Ekokuljetus Group.


Murskauskeskus and Ekoman merge to form Ekokuljetus

Our Group's material flows branched out further into Finland as Itä-Suomen Murskauskeskus and Ekoman joined our ranks.


Kesrec and FL Pipe merge with Ekokuljetus

We really started to shape the future of the circular economy when two of Finland's leading recycled plastic companies, Keskinen Recycling and FL Pipe, became part of the Ekokuljetus Group.


Fluo powers the circular economy

With our rapid growth, we also outgrew the former group name Ecotransport. Of course, ecology and transport are still part of our nature. But the single Fluo brand better represents who we are today and who we increasingly want to be in the future. A holistic circular economy group, whose stream is growing stronger and branching out across Finland.

Our mission

As its name suggests, Fluo aims to make the circular economy mainstream by increasing the recycling rate of domestic raw material streams and manufacturing recycled products.

More than 100 000 tonnes of recyclable materials pass through our group. Our carbon handprint is about ten times larger than our carbon footprint, i.e. the emissions we produce. The more successful we are in growing our business, the bigger our positive handprint will be.

→ Check out our sustainability report

Our values

Values guide both our top-level decision-making and our day-to-day work.


Responsibility is the basis of our operations. It is at the heart of our business and our operating models. Download our ethical principles here.

Customer focus

Because we are local and entrepreneur-driven, we are also customer-driven. We are close to our customers and always serve them locally.


We are constantly striving to improve and make our operations more efficient. We are true pioneers when it comes to renewable products and recycled plastics.


Our most important promise is our promise to our customers. The key to our success is meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.

Fluo units

The Fluo Group consists of six strong recycling companies, all market leaders in their respective markets.

In the Kokkola area, Ekokuljetus offers waste management, material handling, swap-body and log services, and toilet rental.

Mäkilehdontie 6
67600 Kokkola

0400 388 017

In the Vaasa area, Ekoman offers waste management and swap-body services.

Myllärinkatu 8
65300 Vaasa

06 317 7532

In the Pietarsaari area Finells Transport offers waste management, material handling, roll-offs and sewer services.

Företagargatan 3
68800 Kållby

06 766 2087

FL Pipe serves corporate customers nationwide, with products including plastic cores, plastic pipes, compounding, raw materials and product development projects.

Putkitie 3
69600 Kaustinen

040 763 1218

In the Joensuu area, the East Finland Crushing Centre offers material handling and material sales services.

Ivontie 5
80260 Joensuu

0400 377 939

Keskinen Recycling serves larger corporate customers nationwide who are looking for a material handler and recycler for hard plastic fractions.

Leppäläntie 426
63120 Leppälänkylä

040 830 1346


Our management team represents decades of experience in waste management and the circular economy. You can find the contact details of the key people in the sub-companies on the sub-companies' website.

Petri Aaltonen
CEO, Fluo Group

Petri is the CEO of Fluo Group with extensive experience in the circular economy. Before joining Fluo, he was CEO of Encore Environmental Services for 5 years.

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