The most fluent recycling service in Finland.

The Fluo Group offers a comprehensive range of local waste management, loo and change services, as well as toilet rental. We are a leading service provider in the Kokkola, Pietarsaari and Vaasa area. We also offer nationwide material handling, recycled materials, recycled plastics and recycled products.

100% local service, with a national reach.

We think recycling services are at their best when they are local. That's why we answer the phone and always serve you with 100% local yet nationwide service. With decades of experience and local knowledge, we're able to provide the most efficient and fluid recycling service on the market.

Joensuu region | Itä-Suomen Murskauskeskus

In the Joensuu area, Itä-Suomen Murskauskeskus offers material handling and material sales services.

Kokkola region | Ekokuljetus

In the Kokkola area, Ekokuljetus offers waste management, material handling, roll-offs and sewerage services, and toilet rental.

Pietarsaari region | Finells Transport

In the Pietarsaari area, Finells Transport offers waste management, material handling, roll-offs and sewerage services.

Vaasa region | Ekoman

In the Vaasa area, Ekoman provides waste management and roll-off services.

National presence | FL Pipe

FL Pipe serves corporate customers nationwide, with products including plastic cores, plastic pipes, compounding, raw materials and product development projects.

National presence | Keskinen Recycling

Keskinen Recycling serves larger corporate customers nationwide who are looking for a material handler and remanufacturer for hard plastic fractions.

Our waste management services

Fluo offers modern and comprehensive waste management services for households, housing associations, businesses and the public sector.

  • With almost 50 years of experience and local knowledge, we serve you efficiently and reliably

  • By acting responsibly and transparently, we ensure that you comply with waste legislation and other regulations.

  • Our service includes expert advice, a waste management plan and reporting, if required.

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Our sewerage service

Our logging service includes draining all types of cesspools, opening and flushing drains. We offer high quality, reliable sewage services to households, housing associations, businesses and the public sector.

  • Maintain the condition of your property with regular and automatic logging services

  • We empty septic tanks quickly and efficiently with our modern equipment

  • If you have a drainage problem or blockage, we can help you quickly to solve the problem

  • Reporting option also available if you wish

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Our roll-off service

Whether it's construction waste, demolition waste, garden waste or energy waste, you should order a roll-off from us.

  • Streamline cleaning and sorting and save time by ordering a roll-off, which Fluo will take away with its waste

  • If you wish, there is also a reporting feature for the Swap Service.

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Toilet rental

We offer chemical toilets for hire for public events, large family gatherings, construction sites or wherever an emergency may strike.

  • Toilet hire includes transport of ready-to-use toilets to the site, intermediate and final emptying and removal.

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Recycled products and recycled plastic

We process all PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP, but we can also recycle other materials on request. Our product range includes:

  • LDPE (for film production)

  • HDPE (for pipe production)

  • HDPE (for injection moulding)

  • PP (injection moulding)

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The most fluent recycling service in Finland.

We offer 100% local service with a national reach. With us, you get waste management without wasting your money or time, with decades of experience.

More than 6,000 businesses and 35,000 households trust Fluo.

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