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Itä-Suomen Murskauskeskus is a Joensuu-based company specialising in the reception and treatment of recoverable waste, serving the whole of Finland. We are part of the Finnish Fluo Recycling Group.

Business, bring your business plastic to us free of charge!

Plastic is a visible fuel for energy production, but there is a charge for disposing of it as energy waste. Companies can bring their business plastic waste to us free of charge. We also accept other materials!

Using plastics for energy is a good thing in itself. The energy generated by burning plastics can be used, for example, to produce heat. But there are also drawbacks. In general, the incineration process produces at least carbon dioxide, which accelerates climate change. At the same time, a perfectly usable material is wasted.

Of course, there is also the cost of leaving plastic waste to be incinerated. We now offer businesses an alternative that is not only free, but also more productive in terms of recycling. The hard plastic delivered to us is cleaned, crushed and melted down into raw material for new products.

Plastic should be collected separately from other waste, as it is a valuable raw material in plastic manufacturing and can be recycled several times!

We accept business plastic free of charge at our Joensuu office at Ivontie 5.

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We recycle materials for you

Suitable for recycling are for example

  • Electricity and water pipes

  • Pressure pipes (HDPE, PE80, PEH)

  • Spiroputket

  • Corrugated pipes (HDPE/PP, blowing quality)

  • Injection moulded HDPE products

  • Blow moulding grade HDPE products

If you have any questions about plastic grades or anything else related to the delivery of plastic waste, please contact:

Office 0400 377 939
Sales 0500 765 710

What plastics can I bring?

Recyclable business plastics include:

● Polyethylene (PE): often used in bottles, plastic bags and food packaging.
● Polypropylene (PP): found in plastic food packaging, disposable containers and car parts.
● Polystyrene (PS): Used in disposable bags, CD cases and insulation.
● Polyethylene terephthalate (PET): Common in beverage bottles and food packaging.
● Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): Used in pipes, window boxes and some packaging materials.

What other materials do you accept?

Other materials we receive:

● Construction waste
● Concrete and brick waste
● Energy waste
● Wood waste
● Metal waste
● Cardboard waste
● Plastic waste

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Itä-Suomen Murskauskeskus is a Joensuu-based company specialising in the reception and treatment of recoverable waste, serving the whole of Finland. We are part of the Fluo Group.

Our address is
Itä-Suomen Murskauskeskus Oy
Ivontie 5
80260 Joensuu
Opening hours
Office open:
Mon - Fri: 7:00 - 16:00

Field staff available:
Mon - Fri: 7:00 - 15:30
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